Corporate Yoga Group Classes

Bring some namaste into your workday with Jane’s corporate Yoga classes! Whether you’d like to host a stand-alone class as a special event or make weekly yoga sessions one of your organization’s ongoing employee perks, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to get your office “Om” on. Jane can do it all from chair yoga to mat yoga to yoga in the context of corporate retreats. She loves designing creative ways to bring yoga into your employees’ work lives, and your blissed-out team will thank you for the #zen! 

Corporate Pilates Mat

Bring core strength and grit to your team with in-house Pilates instruction! Beloved by everyone from CEOs to interns, Jane’s Pilates classes will be a game-changer for your employees. As you bend, stretch, twist, stabilize, and lengthen, you’ll learn how to stand taller, breathe deeper, and feel more grounded and at home in your body. With a certification from the Kane School of Core Integration-- considered by many industry professionals to be the “Ph.D. of Pilates”!-- and her own special gift for attentive, encouraging, and entertaining teaching, Jane is the perfect instructor to bring Pilates to your team.

Friendship and Team Retreats

 If you really want to work well with a team, you should work out with that team! Consider a corporate team retreat featuring some calming yet energizing restorative yoga to facilitate outstanding team-building. Or Jane could make it simple for your to plan a date getaway with your partner that’s romantic, refreshing, laugh-out-loud fun. Why not let Jane put together a relaxing, indulgent ladies’ (or mens’!) self-care weekend for you, your partner or your closest pals? With a private chef to prepare healthy, delicious meals and snacks; restorative yoga instruction to loosen up and leave the workweek behind; the aroma therapeutic benefits of essential oils; and the luxury of some fabulous hand massages, you and your group will be unwinding and strengthening your bond in no time! The friendship retreat is a great, versatile option that you can customize to celebrate all sorts of occasions, from birthday fêtes to bachelorette parties.

 Wellness Lunch & Learns

With over eighty-five successful corporate wellness events on her CV, Jane will work closely with you and your team to determine how to meet your employees’ wellness needs. She’ll custom-design wellness programming that’s perfect for your organization. One of her signature offerings is the Lunch & Learn series. Jane’s extensive roster of highly vetted professionals makes every Lunch & Learn meetup outstanding. The events touch on financial, physical, mental, organizational, nutritional and community aspects of wellness. These mid-day gatherings provide your team with events that fold seamlessly into your existing workday; events that are convenient, engaging, informative, and fun.

Three-month Wellness plan

So you’ve decided to bring some self-care to your workplace on a regular basis, and that’s exciting! Jane can help you create a season-long wellness plan for your team that’s sustainable, holistic, and most of all, fun. She’ll show you how to weave wellness programming into your team’s workweeks creatively, and help you implement a wellness plan that supports and encourages your employees to do and feel their best every day!

Grace Engine Wellness offers two types of corporate wellness solutions: Jane’s “Get the Basics” package features up to four events each month, while her “Deep Dive” package can go even further in addressing your team’s specific needs and goals. She can also create a seasonal offering with an eye toward New Year’s resolutions, custom plans that’ll support your employees’ wellness during special projects or busy quarters, and lunchtime programs that’ll polish your team’s goal-setting skills.

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Request a Corporate Offering

You’ve heard your employees talking about wellness, and know that other companies in your field have started implementing workplace wellness programs. #Wellness is all over instagram, and you understand it’s a topic that people are excited about. You want to bring a wellness offering to your workspace somehow, some way, but aren’t sure where to start. Fear not! Workplace wellness expert Jane Sato is just what the doctor ordered. She is also a Human Resources Coordinator and Recruiter, so she understands how important total rewards are. She’ll show you how to level up the ways your company helps its most valuable resources-- its people!-- stay happy, healthy, and whole. Whether you’d like to jumpstart the first wellness program in your organization’s history or improve existing offerings, with Jane’s help you’ll learn how to implement the perfect wellness solution for your workplace and have fun doing it!

Jane’s commitment to wellness is unmatched. She has a deep passion for it and enjoys making those around her feel great. She started a wellness program where she hosts different presentations, invites guest speakers, implemented ‘Healthy Breakfast Thursdays’ and even instructs Chair Yoga! She also instructs pilates and I’ve personally taken a few pilates classes with her outside of work and I have to tell you my body has not felt this great in years! She really knows how to focus on your problem areas and find what’s best for you. She’s a well-rounded wellness go doer!
— Dominique, Brooklyn