My Approach:

After shadowing many physical therapists, my approach to fitness is function first. I tailor each session to your goals, and we work on meeting your needs. Whether you are getting ready for your wedding, getting doctor's orders to live a healthier lifestyle, are avoiding more aches and pains, or just want to look amazing in your clothes and skin, I am ready to get you on the road to success injury free.

Be strong, be graceful - be you. 

The goal of exercise is to strengthen our minds and our bodies. I want to help you embody all of your goals. One size does not fit all.

You don't get a great ass by just sitting on it.  If you want to see even more results, I have a team of wellness professionals that I work with regularly. Learn more about my how you can meet them or bring my team to your workplace.



Pilates Mat and Equipment

Want strong abs? Did you know your core includes your abs, pelvic floor, diaghragm and multifidi? Get educated about the what and why Joseph Pilates rehabilitated soldiers and how you can train, soldier!

Restorative Yoga/Vinyasa Flow

Private yoga sessions are a great way to dive deep into the practice. Each session is tailored to exactly what your body and mind needs. 

Meet me on the mat.

Hang with me in group classes at Fitness in Stuytown, Perfect Posture, Ballet Academy East and NFC Amenity buildings. Or even better one on one.


Book a Private Class

Jane Sato is a great teacher. I have been taking her classes for 7+ years and am constantly growing my practice thanks to Jane’s patient and personalized teaching. She doesn’t do a cookie cutter class. She tailors her classes to the student’s needs, taking into account their strengths and areas for growth. Jane is a creative, patient and smart yoga teacher who has developed a loyal following among her students. I am a huge fan!
— Laurie, New York City